Our Mission

At EQS International, our mission extends beyond simply providing services. We are passionate about improving quality, food safety, and brand standards across various sectors including quick service restaurants, retail stores, convenience stores, and food production facilities. Our comprehensive audits encompass all aspects of food safety and quality - from traceability and hygiene to management and operation.

We empower our clients by providing them with actionable insights derived from our rigorous audits. Our carefully crafted feedback and recommendations enable them to identify areas of improvement, make informed decisions, and uphold their operational standards, ultimately ensuring that they are serving their customers in the best possible manner.

We understand that every client we work with has their own set of standards and procedures. As such, our diverse network of local food safety professionals is adept at tailoring their approach to meet each client's specific needs. They not only identify problems but also coach the teams on the ground, assist in formulating corrective action plans, and work alongside our clients to implement solutions that enhance their operational standards.

We believe in creating a safer and healthier world by assisting our clients in protecting their brands. We are committed to helping them build trust in their brand, which in turn supports their growth and enables them to expand their franchise network. It is our utmost aim to be a part of our clients' success stories.

Listening to our clients' needs is a cornerstone of our approach. We make it a priority to understand their operations, identify key challenges, and align our services with their strategic goals. This collaborative approach allows us to provide the most relevant and impactful assistance to each of our clients.

In everything we do, we strive to uphold our core values of integrity, transparency, professionalism, truth, family, work-life balance, quality, safety, diversity, and sustainability. These values guide our decision-making processes and enable us to deliver services that exceed expectations.

Our mission is to be a reliable partner for our clients - a partner that helps protect their brand, contributes to their growth, and fosters a safer and healthier world.

Our Values

EQS International operates based on the core values of Integrity, Transparency, Professionalism, Truth, Family, Work-life Balance, Quality, Safety, Diversity, and Sustainability. We deeply believe that these values guide us to deliver exceptional service and support to our clients, ensuring their businesses thrive in a safe, ethical, and high-quality manner.

Integrity: At EQS International, we see integrity as the cornerstone of our work. This means we adhere unwaveringly to our ethical principles, ensuring honesty and consistency in our audits and our interactions with clients. Our team members make a conscious choice to uphold the highest standards, delivering accurate, unbiased reports that our clients can trust.

Transparency: We foster a culture of openness and clear communication within our organization and with our clients. From the audit process to our reporting, we maintain clarity and openness, allowing our clients to understand and appreciate the work we do.

Professionalism: We uphold the highest standards of professionalism in our work. This involves not only delivering exceptional services and accurate audit reports, but also maintaining respectful, courteous, and responsible interactions with all stakeholders. Our team members demonstrate their commitment, knowledge, and skills in every audit they conduct.

Truth: We value the truth and believe in providing truthful and factual information in our audit reports. Our team members are committed to uncovering and reporting the truth, ensuring that our clients receive accurate, unbiased information that can guide their operational improvements.

Family: At EQS International, we value our employees and regard them as part of our extended family. We believe in supporting each other, celebrating our successes, and facing challenges together. We understand the importance of work-life balance and support our team members in achieving this.

Work-Life Balance: We understand the importance of a healthy balance between professional obligations and personal life. As such, we promote flexible work schedules and support initiatives that ensure our team members can achieve success both in their work and in their personal lives.

Quality: Quality is not just a metric, but a guiding principle in our operations. We are committed to providing the highest quality services to our clients, helping them maintain and improve the quality of their own operations. We continually refine our auditing processes to uphold this commitment to quality.

Safety: Safety is a critical concern in the food and retail industry. At EQS International, we prioritize safety in our audits, identifying potential safety hazards and providing recommendations to enhance safety measures. Our auditors are trained to have an eye for detail when it comes to safety issues.

Diversity: We value and respect diversity in all its forms. We believe that a diverse team brings in a variety of perspectives, leading to richer ideas and better solutions. We maintain an inclusive culture where every voice is heard and respected.

Sustainability: We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and future generations. We are committed to promoting sustainable practices in our operations and advocating for them in our audits. Our goal is to help our clients not just comply with regulations but also become stewards of the environment in their own operations.